Bring your dream cakes to life!


How early should I book my cake?

Cakes are booked on first come, first served basis. We only do a handful of cakes in a day to ensure highest craftsmanship for each of our cakes, so book early to avoid a full calendar at our end. Having said that, we always try to accommodate the last minute requests if our schedule allows it. Therefore, always call to find out our availability for a particular date, even if it is a very short notice.

Do you have a menu or brochure? What flavor and fillings do you offer?

Yes. Take a look at our menu here. It mentions various kind of cakes (celebration cakes/signature cakes/designer cakes/tea cakes/boozy cakes), cupcakes, dessert jars and brownies that we do. Also, the flavors that we offer.

How do I place an order?

Please WhatsApp us at 9599317727. We suggest dropping us a WhatsApp message with following details –

  • The occasion (wedding/birthday/anniversary etc.) and date of your event 
  • Your party’s theme, cake’s design idea or any reference cake picture you have. You can take a look at hundreds of designs done by me in the gallery.
  • Weight of the cake (in Kgs) or if you are not clear about it, the number of guests (adults plus kids ) you need to serve  
  • Customization details like your preference for flavors, decorations (fresh cream/fondant/buttercream), with egg/eggless option etc.
  • Location where you need the cake

With the above details in hand, we can discuss your cake as soon as we are free.

Can you offer cake designs based on a theme or budget?

Yes. We have designed thousands of cakes of every shapes, sizes, flavors and explored millions of cake designs. So, you can trust us for suggesting best possible customized cake solution for your requirement. There are many factors affecting the cost of a cake- like the design and hence the work involved, flavor or filling etc.  Therefore, every cake design that you find on Google might not fit into your budget. We can suggest you options that are viable for you.

When is my order confirmed?

100% advance payment is needed for order confirmation. Please note that your order is not confirmed until the full advance is received. Discussion over phone or WhatsApp, including conclusion over the design, does not mean your order is confirmed. We mark your order as confirmed only when we receive the advance.

Which locations are you serving?

We serve majorly in Gurgaon and rest of the Delhi-NCR.

What all customization do you offer?

We can customize your cake as much as you want. Check our work. You can choose your sponge and flavors, type of decoration (Whipped cream/fondant/buttercream), design, with egg/eggless option etc.

How do I find my own cake designs?

If you have a theme in mind, we suggest  looking at the designs at our page or using google search. If your little one is crazy for ‘Peppa pig’, look at our gallery or simply do a google search for ‘Peppa pig cake’ and you would get a lot of design ideas. Shortlist the designs you like and then we can help you select the designs that fit in your budget.

Should I choose whipped cream or fondant based design?

It depends on your personal preference – we do cakes of both types. Fondant is a flexible sugar paste which allows for a wide range of design options for designer cakes. It can be air-brushed, draped and painted and most 3D design elements like animals, figurines etc. can only be made in fondant. You can have a full cream cake, a full fondant covered cake or a cake that would be in cream, with the decoration part in fondant.

Is there any minimum weight for cakes?

Yes. We don’t do half kg cakes. Simple celebration cakes need to be 1 Kg and designer cakes need to be at least 1.5 Kgs. Designer cakes need a minimum weight so that the cake is broad enough to hold the decorations and look good.

Where is your price list? How much would my cake cost?

Our celebration cakes start from Rs. 1800 per Kg. Customized cakes’ price depends on the design, flavors and filling requests.

Do you do in-person cake consultation and tastings?

Yes, we do that for special occasion/bigger cakes. Please note we are not a commercial shop, so cake samples are prepared specifically for you, therefore, we charge a nominal fee for tasting.

Cake pickup/Delivery

We always recommend cake pickup from our location. It is preferable and safer since you are the best person to handle your cake. If you need delivery, we send the cakes by AC cabs. Delivery is chargeable on actuals. We pack the cake safely and give all instructions to the driver for safe transport of the cake, however, we have no control on the cake once it leaves our premises. Therefore, we won’t be responsible for any damage to the cake in transport. When you opt for delivery, it is assumed that you accept the risk of transport of cake in the cab.

Can you replicate my design as it is?

You have to trust us to suggest you best of the design options, in your budget. With our cake designing experience, we can visualize how good a design would turn out to be as a cake. Few upfront disclaimers in terms of replication of designs

  • We will try our best to replicate and even better a design. However, cake designing is all handwork, therefore an exact replica of a design, including colors, is not possible. Variations in design and colors are inevitable.
  • We do not guarantee exact matches to specific color shades because colors look different in different lighting and screens.
  • We recommend using light colors on the cake. Very bright colors might bleed and leave color on cake/hands/mouth.

Are your cake decorations edible?
Fondant parts are edible. However, wooden sticks/straws/toothpicks etc. used in structural support of design elements are inedible.

Message on cake
The space in front of the cake is limited and an ideal message is one that aesthetically fits in there, something like “Happy B’day “.

Final words of wisdom:

  • Please trust me during design consultations. I can see how a cake will turn up.
  • Do not insist of including too many design elements in a cake. Too crowded cakes do not look good.
  • Fondant/Whipped cream/Buttercream is your choice.
  • Fondant is like playdough, very good for designing 3D elements like figurines, flowers etc.
  • Whipped cream is fluffy & soft & preferred for eating by many.
  • Buttercream is rich & on a sweeter side. It gives you beautiful textured cakes.
  • To avoid last minute delays, always keep some time buffer (couple of hours) between the cake delivery and cutting time. For example, if you need to cut the cake at 6 PM, please give a delivery time of 4 PM.